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Indoor Growing & Hydroponics Consultant.

Dublin, Ireland.


Welcome to the Dr. Greenthumb website.

Would you like to grow your own food, medicinal or culinary herbs using hydroponics or soil indoors?

With a 15 year background in hydroponics and indoor growing in a wide variety of locations and spaces, Dr. Greenthumb can provide a wealth of knowledge and know how to the absolute beginner or the more seasoned grower.  From my experience earned by years of hands on experimentation and numerous successful harvests, I will show you how to grow from seed or clone.

There are many factors to consider when creating the perfect space for your plants to survive and thrive indoors.  Location, temperature, humidity, lighting and good air circulation are all subjects to consider for healthy growth.  Your choice of growing media, nutrition, pest control and diagnosing plant health are also keys to success.

Have a look at the consulting page for an overview of some of services available.

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